Welding and installation of stainless and acid resistant steel process piping for the food industry

Industry piping welding and installation

Industry maintenance services


Our services include

Welding/installation of food industry process piping

Food industry piping and hygienic equipment for customer needs.

Welding/installation of industry piping

We perform all necessary pipe welding and installations with expert skill.

Industry maintenance services

Our on-call installers provide flexible maintenance and swiftly solve any fault conditions.

Equipment installation

We perform industry installations for entire production lines as well as individual equipment.

Diamond drlling

We can drill round holes even in hard building materials.


Our subcontractor services include assembly welding, repair welding, and manufacture of structures.



  • We modernize and install new machinery and production lines
  • We provide life cycle services to the machinery and lines we install
  • We take note of our clients’ special wishes

Main contractors:

  • Our team is here to serve you if you need extra workers to realize a project.
  • We are a reliable partner and we carry responsibility for the schedules and quality of our work


If your company is planning a new production line or renewing an existing one, contact us.


We have more than 30 years of experience in demanding welding work.

Steelmans Oy welds and installs piping made out of stainless steel, acid resistant steel, and carbon steel.

Our high level of competence enables us to handle demanding projects, with 30 years of experience in the business. We provide reliable and expert service. Regulations on occupational safety are followed carefully.


We strive to be a solid and reliable partner both for our customers and partner businesses, constantly developing and pushing ourselves forward.

By providing quality service along with sustainable and functional solutions, we can ensure customer satisfaction as well as long and steady customer relationships.

Steelmans Oy’s installations always consider changes in the food industry.


For years, JS-Group Oy has used Steelmans Oy’s personnel at project peak-load times. The cooperation has been good and very flexible. By talking and planning together, we have always found the best solutions to see our projects through.

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JS-Group Oy

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successful projects

happy customers

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